Successful Insecurity


Are you ready to step out from the comfort zone to success ?






A true inspiration to get into this post came out lately after I got some experience in doing kind of the student job. Namely, I was the bar staff in the busy late pub in the Central London. I was serving guests, dealing with their queries and problems etc. To be honest with you, I didn’t have to choose such busy environment where there is no peace of mind at all, because I wasn’t forced to find a job, just to get some money. I was rather looking for the real experience in tough environment, where sometimes I was back home at 3am. After some time I was so drained that after each shift I didn’t want to do anything even when I had plenty of time in between my working days.


The point of this whole ‘working experiment’ was to put me in the spotlight as the example of my argument that people would rather choose a hard work they don’t like that much over the job that is more likely to suit their points of interest and less hard in total. Wait a second… but people would definitely go for the second option if they could. The one condition is that if you choose the second option, you have no stable, always the same monthly salary like there in the first ‘hard work’ case. Would you go for the second option again?







Leaving the cosy bed


From my own experience I recently got, the thought of the stable, same monthly salary is tempting, because you feel secure even though you earn pretty little money at the time. You know you’ll always get the same money on the same day by doing the job you probably don’t like. Nevertheless, it feels like laying in the cosy bed – you know it’s warm and you would probably stay there for the rest of your life. Changes are hard, because they involve getting out of the bed, which may not be comfortable and cosy at all. Remember this feeling every time you get up early in the morning? The first thoughts more or less like : “I wish to stay in the bed forever”, “Why do I have to get up?” , see my point ??








Find your track


You can say that I know nothing about life an doing job you don’t like it is just a reality, sad but reality. Of course, you are right, because an undoubted fact is that most of the people do jobs they don’t like. The thing that makes them stick to the job is the sense of security, they feel comfortable and the rest is rather less important. The thought of doing something they enjoy seems to be really out of the world, something impossible and in fact they are right. They are too consumed and hypnotised to find some hobby, passion, which in future can probably become their source of income. The truth is that the life is like a huge and unknown adventure. One day you are sipping the pint of lager, the second day you start manufacturing your own beer. The good example are simply the youtubers. They start as a humble, full of passion content creators without many subscribers and views, but in no time they are getting money out of it.








Persistence, persistence and persistence


I am not saying that everyone should leave their jobs straightforward in one day or even the other day – some people find motivation and satisfaction from the secure job they’ve been doing. I am focusing on people, who hate what they do, but simply don’t do anything about that. It’s quite understandable, because it can be long and gradual process, packed with ups and downs until you achieve things you always desired. My point is that everyone should have something that will keep them on track – motivated. Initially, everything started as an idea and then it became a big thing provided that it was consistently executed. I like to think about work, as the temporary harbour through which I can supply myself with necessary materials for the further adventure.
Don’t be afraid of starting something new. You can always have the secure job for the rest of your life, but the feat is to do what you actually enjoy doing, something that makes you a satisfied person at the end of the day. This way is not going to be smooth and easy at all, you can’t be sure whether you will success or not, but the thing I can guarantee is that if you find something that makes you happy by doing it, even the most ridiculous hobby, the halfway through is doing it constantly. You won’t see where does it lead you – at least not at the beginning. In the moments of doubt, because those are going to get you sooner or later, don’t think about anything but the pleasure that you initially had by doing particular thing. Don’t think about how much you’d like to be on top and probably making money out of it. Just focus on basics, one step at a time. If you want effects instantly, I am more than sure that you will have to make yourself comfortable with disappointment and anxiety. Be patient and consistent, that’s all you have to do. The best moment you’ll eventually experience is the one where you notice that what you do, actually makes sense – this moment is worth everything.


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