Pros and Cons of Moving to a New Country


Would you accept them in order to change your life ?



The topic of today’s blog text is rather known as this really hard to digest and think of. But, everyone’s thinking about changing their lives by moving to the new country at least once. Whether you’ve been considering completely remote country from where you live or just stick to quite near area, the idea of moving to the new country will be always tough and scary to think about. It is completely fine, because this whole mission strictly merges with leaving your current life and starting the new one – just like in game, where you can create a new account and have a fresh start with completely fresh possibilities with just one important difference. The game has no emotional factors like the life has. In your life, you would have to leave your family, friends and generally people you care about and love. Are you ready for a such huge sacrifice ?




As I moved out to completely new country, which is the United Kingdom, I will share with you my first hand feelings, divided into pros and cons connected with the whole mission of starting new life. Was it worth it? Was it hard to make it happen? Let’s find out.


I know the title of today’s text is Pros and Cons, suggesting pros should come out first, but let’s face the worst part of moving to the new country and begin with listing out the negative aspects to make a positive part more enjoyable and optimistic.



  • I like to call it “insecurity syndrome”. It is the first of the first companions you’ll have with yourself while stepping on the new ground – unknown so far. You look on buildings, cars on the street and people surrounding you and have that one thought in your mind – “What the hell am I doing here ?”. The best thing you wish to do in such situation is to get a jetpack and fly straight away from the new place, because you feel like an alien. My advice on “insecurity syndrome” is to give yourself a cool down period and always have in mind that there are thousands of people arriving to the new countries everyday and struggle the exact same thing, which is totally fine. Don’t look and think “I don’t belong here”, think rather “Yes… I have finally found my place to be, that’s definitely my place to live”.
  • The second most popular thing that’s gonna get you sooner or later is a homesickness. It is really hard to explain how does it work, because it may have a various forms of effects or impacts. It can strike you in every single moment – while you are relaxing, while you are working or while discovering your new place to live. It is hard to overcome, because al negative thoughts starts circling around your head. Most popular are : “Why did I get here?”, “I left my friends and family”, “I don’t know anyone here”, “I want to go back home” and much, much more. I have been thinking about good advice to overcome the homesickness and came up with followings methods :


    -Start exploring a new place just like a tourist – imagine you are on holidays, making a sightseeing tour to see all places, which are remarkable for each country.


    -Take a break from the social media and Skype. It sounds hard to do, but this method is really good. When you are stuck in social media, you see friends reminding you about your home country that makes you want to come back. The same thing is with Skype. When your are too often on video chat with your family, your homesickness is intensified 10 times more. 


    -Try some local food. “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” If you will make yourself comfortable with the local food, it is more possible that you accommodate much faster to the new place.


    –Find a friend from your home country. This is good while you are planning to study in foreign country. If you have a time, you can start researching people who are going to study at the same place, simply find a Facebook Group dedicated to your University or other educational institution. Groups on Facebook are the perfect places for finding people and making friendships, even if you are quite reserved and shy person, so it is worthy tool for icebreaking.












Now, let’s proceed to the positive sides of moving to the new country, because these aspects create our desire of changing our lives and broadening horizons.



– Changes are good. New place can help you finding your real self. You’d be surprised how environment can affect on people. You might get fresh ideas for your future, find new points of interest and hobbies.

Studying/working abroad broaden your horizons concerned with your future or actual career. An experience got while abroad is priceless, it makes your more flexible and valuable in the employer’s eyes. Furthermore, if you are not happy with your job, changing your environment will might help you finding your dream job?

– Friendships that last forever. People that you meet during your time spent abroad can result a real friendships, which is something amazing to experience.

If your first language isn’t English, it is the perfect opportunity to master this language while simply living on a daily basis. Simple shopping and interacting with others, make your speech more fluent.

You can be your own architect and plan the life at your discretion, make your own paths to follow, feel independent and unlimited.


 In my personal case, a desire of changing my place of living came out many years before I decided to study abroad my home country. Since I was a child, I used to travel to the different countries like USA – this place has written down very well in my memory. After my last overseas journey, I swore to myself that one day I’m going to live in one of the countries I visited as a child. USA, New York was and actually is my #1 destination to live. Fortunately, couple years ago I came to UK, London for my holidays. I fell in love with this place, sometimes it reminds me about the New York as my target to achieve in life. It took me a couple of holidays spent here in London to come to conclusion that this place is for me and I want to start my higher education here. Besides, amongst everything I still have the New York on my mind, I truly believe that every action makes me closer to the #1 destination of mine. But, right now I enjoy the London with its all good and bad aspects making this place so special. 

Do I regret moving to the new country, away from people I know and love? A little bit, but I looked more in perspective of 10-15 years ahead. The truth is, if you want something to achieve or change in your life, you will have to sacrifice things important to you. Sometimes, it means destroying everything you’ve built so far. Sometimes, it means denying everything you knew so far. You have to set your priorities and see what you want to achieve. 


Are you ready to sacrifice everything you’ve built in order to change your life ?

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  • I would like to leave my country because of Japan. I´m really proud of my country and I just love our national heritage, but on the other side, I´m really curious about living in Japan ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ It´s been my dream since I can remember.

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    • I hope you will success and become fortunate enough, to call the Japan your home :)

  • JM

    Changes are always good. It opens new opportunities to people. I also want to move out and live in Canada. :)

  • Malaika Fernandes

    I am going to pass this post to a friend who is always on the move because of her husbands business

  • I moved to a different country as well a few years back, and I didn’t really experience any cons so far to be honest. Never got homesick. But I understand why it might be hard for some people :)

  • Carola K

    I would love to move to another country. Eventually :). I love in the Netherlands. And I like that. But I would definitely love to move to the USA for work. Preferably in a couple of years or so. We’ll see! Great tips and pros and cons you have here.

  • Richard Anthony Baldoza

    Always remember – some beginnings are the end and some ends are new beginnings! There are many pros and cons with moving but these definitely challenge who you are as a person and how well you can adapt to change. Great list!