Pro Hunter – Different Rolex Face


Eyerybody knows about AMG brand, which customizes Mercedes Benz cars. Prohunter brand is something like AMG to Mercedes Benz. They create astonishing and desirable timepieces, which stand out from the other watches.

Prohunter keeps their timepieces faithful to the Rolex design and history. Primarily these watches have been creating as a durable timepieces for hunting. These days, Prohunter complements the sporty line in Rolex brand with not less durability. They ladle inspiration from Rolex vintage models such as a Daytona watches with anti-reflective bezels and 4-line James Bond big crowns.




The customization includes :

-“Diamond Like Carbon” case coating in three unique styles : original, stealth and matt.

– Many of the Prohunter watches are fitted with extra robust canvas strap, available in 15 different styles – colours.

-Individual engraving on the case back and number of the model for each limited edition.




We can see many of the brands that customize cars like : Brabus, AMG, Onyx, Arden and much, much more. It’s really great to see the developing brands customising watches. Their watches impress, they introduce completely different point of style and refresh famous and well-known design of the original brand. We can see that tradition combined with a modern approach gives stunning effects. Prohunter watches are unique in its class, every model is limited to 100 pieces, which make these watches more prestigious. 



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