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Give yourself one year and write, just write…




One Notebook

The dreams I wrote down in my notebook weren’t like these generally understood dreams out of this world  – “I want to have a Ferrari”, “I want to buy the apartment situated by the Thames River”. No, the idea was to write down all your plans and dreams that you always wanted to make true, but for some reason you couldn’t or didn’t want to do, because of the lack of motivation and other million things. Get yourself a decent notebook, pen and just write. Write down everything that comes to your mind. When you got your list of things you plan to achieve, then put a date, which within your list will be fully crossed out. Let’s give yourself 365 days – a full year, example : 18/03/2017 – 18/03/2018 – by this date all of your things from the list are going to be achieved. And please, don’t put the nonsense stuff like New Year’s resolution ideas – “I am going to stop smoking”, “I will be eating healthy”, “I will fall in love”, etc. Let’s just focus on things that can be precisely specified in terms of its execution date.




One Year

The whole point of getting a notebook, in which you are going to list your plans with the exact date you have to accomplish them within, makes you more alert of the way you have to follow. Most of the people have things they always wanted to start, do better or whatever. For the first few days, they are doing great. But, after some time they seem to lose their track. The notebook method helps to visualise your goals in the long run. You can always have the notebook with you and look at your list, make some adjustments and add new things to have a full control over what you are doing. After some time, you will notice that the list keeps you in track, while you may have some doubts and other difficulties. Make the notebook with your whole list a best friend for a period of full 365 days. When I decided to create my list, there was no such day I wouldn’t be reviewing my notebook at least once a day, adding new things and making a slight adjustments. With some positions on my list I could spread them in time efficiently, because I perfectly knew they are going to be finished by my set date, so I could spend more time on detailing and designing without unnecessary pressure. The example from my list is this blog that you are reading right now – Lify Gent. This blog was the effect of careful planning and designing. I won’t even count the numerous pages in my notebook I dedicated to figure out how my blog will look like, what will be the name, what wordpress template or hosting should I use to make my blog look acceptably. It was a great experience but a little bit weird. I went through hundreds of different templates to find the one I currently use. I also went through hundreds of different names, before I decided to go for the Lify Gent. I spent huge amounts of hours planning the whole blog. The same thing regards the idea of studying and living in London. I spent millions of hours researching different universities in London to find that one and the interesting fact is that I have applied just for one course at the one university – I went out on a limb and fortunately succeeded. Besides these two positions from my notebook list, I have finished all the other before the strict deadline. So, my advice is – get yourself a decent piece of a notebook to have a feel that this is a special and even ‘magical’ instrument. And write, just write…



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