Mens Shea Butter Therapy


That’s the ultimate solution for skin problems ?




Recently, I gave up, I just gave up. My skin problems have been bothering me for about last three years. I tried almost everything to cure uncommonly dry skin, causing all negative effects like irritating micro damages or itchy skin. Parts suffering the most are obviously my hands – they look like a zombie’s hands, with no joke. 




I have tried dozens of intensive vitamin therapies and used hundreds of thousands of magic hand lotions, it helped me but only for a short time. Don’t know, what’s the exact reason for my skin problems – harsh, windy weather ? Taking long showers ? or maybe some sort of allergy ?





However, I did some research to face my problem ultimately and to my surprise, I came across the magical butter – Shea Butter. I read many things about its positive effects, besides great moisturizing attributes it can also help treating many skin problems like itching, small damages, blemishes and even skin allergies. So, I thought, why don’t I give it a try, it won’t make things worse. I got myself a little package consisting of different care products based on the Shea Butter.





The first option is just the shower cream, so I hope it’s gonna help against the itchy skin all over the body and will make it more moisturized.






Second solution is the body butter to eliminate micro damages caused by constantly dry skin, especially on my hands.


img_1979 img_1978


The third thing is called body scrub. To be honest, I’ve never heard of such thing and obviously never used such thing. But, the Uncle Google is always helpful, even in this matter. 




The last one thing is pretty basic one, but maybe my dry hands were caused by using wrong soap and wiping my hands too much so they are more irritated.




I really hope that couple of weeks spent on using products based on the Shea Butter will finally help me.

If you have your ideas on how to deal with the dry skin, your favourite products and how to use them properly – let me know in the comments !


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  • More Like Twins

    Before I start to comment, I would just like to say that your website theme is the same as mine! Haha :D

    I have tried Bodyshop’s Shea Butter, but it was just for a short time. Not because it isn’t effective for me but because I am lazy. Haha. It works like wonders, actually. I gave my mom and my sister the same product from Body Shop but I think I gave them Cherry or Cherry Blossom flavor instead. Not really sure which one. :)

    • Haha Coincidence? I like your blog though ! Hope that my little shea butter therapy will give positive effects.

  • Love30

    I love body shop products!! Shea butter is so good but I’ve never tried this one. Will give it a go! Ree love30

  • Sandra Epke

    I love products of the Body Shop! I never heard of the Beurre Corporel. Thanks for the tip! X

  • I have ridiculously dry skin and in the middle of winter it’s even worse. Shea butter is amazing! I love the Body Shop. They have some great product. I have a Shea infused body scrub that I love! Glad you have found something that works for you after all that trial and error.

  • Kimberly Caines

    Love the body shop, and shea butter is so good for your skin. It really moisturizes well. I use mine daily!

  • Luckily, I never had problems with dry skin but I know some of my friends still have it. I will recommend this product to them :) Nice review!

  • Looks like a luxurious kind of product. I will take your recommendation on this. (Y)
    The pack is definitely attractive.

  • Laveena Sengar

    That’s a good received. I really like body shop products in general. Haven’t used this one but I am pretty sure it must be fabulous. Will definitely try it out.

  • Malaika Fernandes

    I love body shop products and use their aloe toner but definitely going to check this out to the next time im at the mall

  • Carola K

    I have tried these before. I like the Body Shop. They have some great products. And they have a lot of variety. I also love mango. I also love the oil from the Body Shop!

  • Iris Pase

    Love those products, even though it’s hard for me to keep going on with these things cause I’m really lazy haha

  • I had the same problem! I started using nivea hand cream which my grandmother used for years and it worked pretty well for me!