How to Be a Millionaire ?


Recently, I’ve been thinking more often about things linked with being rich. I’ve been also asking myself 2 bothering questions, namely : how to become a Millionaire and what would I do with money I gained.


The number one thought was to win on the lottery and buy everything I desired since I was a child – fast cars, luxury jewelry, big villa and much, much more. I decided to compare my thoughts with my friends, so I asked them these two questions. Each of them answered almost the same.

– I would win a money on the lottery and I would spend it on things I was dreaming about.

– I would be the boss in the big random company and I would buy an enormous house and yacht.

I saw on their faces that they are trying to figure out the most expensive things they could possibly buy for the money.

But, I still was thinking about these two questions, because I wasn’t satisfied with the answers at all. As much as I was thinking about buying luxury goods and things that people ever desire, it started giving me sensation of being very shallow and boring.  The second thought is that people who have a contact with the big money for the first time, lose their heads. The great example is money won on the lottery. I’d like to picture you this situation on the man’s example who have a contact with the big money to arrange my reflections about becoming a Millionaire suddenly.


A man who have won a money on the lottery starts buying a lot of things he desired. In no time he spends his money faster than he got it. He sees just the money, he doesnt get the value and the potential of the money he won. Instead of investing to multiply his fortune and creating a stable sources of additional income, he is just appeasing his cravings. In result he loses most of his money spent on big house, car which are expensive in maintenance. Eventually, in not that far future he had to sell things he bought because the money  magically melted and he couldn’t afford to keep these things with him.


Money = happiness ?

Most of people tend to believe they going to be happy and satisfied with their lives only if they have a lot of money. That’s true, because what could be possibly wrong in buying things you couldn’t afford before or going on expensive holidays ? Of course, these will make you happy… but only for a short time. When the excitation is gone and your dreams are no longer your dreams, you will start the same inner emptiness like you felt before you became rich. Because, the truth is if you link your happiness with money and material objects, you will never be the successful person. The endless chase for cravings and ideas for making you happy puts you into the vicious circle, from which you won’t escape. The happy person is a person who is happy with no reason – just like that. If you are that person, the lack of big amount of money won’t be a problem and excessive amount of money will be just a nice addition to your life.


Let’s back to the main issue I started at the beginning concerning what features build a real millionaire. Despite millionaires have a lot of money, they are just a people, but have something that helped them in climbing up at the ladder of success. I was thinking about helpful and important attributes in becoming a millionaire.






Necessary features to become a real Millionaire :



Creativity – that’s the one of the most important features to become a Millionaire. In this world good idea is worth more than millions of dollars – idea matters. Finding the ways to earn money from different sources is really demanding and requires a great creativity.



Passion – enjoying work, can motivate to work harder with a discipline. The work you don’t like, won’t be motivating, it will be the punishment, obligation. Looking for your perfect job you’d like won’t be easy, it can take a long time. The average millionaire doesn’t find his perfect job until the age of 45, before becoming a millionaire. So, as we can see it’s really tough thing to do and the most of the people will never find their perfect jobs. Changes are not bad, they can be the way for the ideal life.



Skills – millionaires tend to educate themselves and they stick with the other people to complement their weaker skills and constantly improve them. Appropiate skills are also necessary for working with the others, to persuade them for  ideas and buying into them. The ability to communicate is the most fundamental thing in selling your brainchild. Some say that social skills are even more major than IQ.



Investing – millionaires are able to devote their money and time to attain their goals. They are constant in what they are endeavoring. They are willing to take the risk for the chance of gaining something better in the future and for multiplying their money. They regard money as a tool for getting richer and richer. The money work for them.


Following your own path –  creating and following your own path, not conforming to the rest of the world. It means that you should have a bravery to achieve what is really important for you. Rather than conforming to the majority and trying to chase the money.



As the conclusion, I will say that the people who don’t understand the money as the tool for getting more money will probably remain in the “rat race” chasing money over and over. The understanding of financial mechanisms is the key for the success.  Becoming a millionaire is very tough and demanding challenge, millionaires put in effort to be what they are. This whole text may sound a little bit chaotically, because it’s the explosion of my mind about Millionaires. But now, I can freely answer these 2 questions I’ve been asking myself for a longer time.

And what about you ? Have you ever asked yourself these 2 questions ?

-How to become a millionaire ?

-What would you do with the money you gained ?

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  • Malaika Fernandes

    I guess this question plagues almost every human for the rich only want to get more richer and the poor want what the rich have. Thank you for the post though kind of gives you the directives you need to get there

  • theCuriousPixie

    Money makes the world go round, but it doesn’t always make you happy as you see all to many with the rich and famous. Having said that yes, I’d love to be a millionaire, would certainly make life easier.

  • Karoliina Kazi

    It’s a tricky question and we have talked about with friends many times. Yes, of course I would love to be wealthy, have enough to do and work with my dreams and travel the world. But not filthy rich.. I think that brings many problems with it as well.

  • I would take the money, don’t get me wrong, but would continue to work and have my normal life! Just with more luxury here and there ;-)

  • Adelheid Bethanny

    Interesting point. I actually never asked that question. I don’t want to be a millionaire exactly, I mean getting that much money bounds to bring a lot of issues as well in other aspects of life.

  • Tabitha Shakespeare

    Money only gives a microphone to the person you already are. If you are a good and generous person it will give you the ability to be more generous. If you are a shady greedy person it will only make you greedier.

  • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    The title is very intriguing! I was drawn to read the article!

  • Pospitips Zone

    really nice article you gave i sincerely enjoyed my read. I wil bookmark it now