Gent and Watches #1


A hands-on review with the Chopard L.U.C Quattro watch, which goes with two superb versions – Rose gold and Platinum.


This review will be rather based on my experience, as I had a great opportunity to find out what these latest versions of the L.U.C Quattro watches really are in person.




The thing I would like to start with is the size. L.U.C Quattro has a 43mm of case diameter making this timepiece quite large, especially for me whose wrists are rather tiny. However, to my surprise, this L.U.C Quattro appeared to be decently fitted. In terms of weight it turned out to be proportionally light timepiece to wear, which is a great advantage for such elegant watch.




img_1657 img_1655


I won’t lie if I say these two L.U.C Quattro versions are my Chopard favorites right after the L.U.C Regulator at the moment. The first version got me captivated by its well-polished, magnificent rose gold case matched with the yummy chocolate dial and solid brown leather strap… what a great – striking combination. At the other hand, we have quite toned-down, but not less incredible timepiece, which is ‘secretly’ luxury. I said ‘secretly’, because the platinum of which is made, cannot be easily distinguished from the stainless steel at a glance by the others. So, in the result you get the sensible touch of the luxury with a higher price tag of course.





Practicality – the apsect much important when we are talking about watches. In this case, L.U.C Quattro timepieces might be regarded as strictly elegant ones, but I am sure they can be treated as those of daily use. As mentioned earlier, the light weight is a huge advantage of this watch, as well as slender shape, which helps to get the watch fitted on the wrist properly. That brings the comfort of using without regard for the lifestyle of the wearer.





An outer design of the watch plays a big role, but what would such watch be without the appropiate entrails? In this matter I also got amazed but this Chopard’s timepiece. The movement is COSC-certified and awarded with the Poinçon de Genève quality hallmark. Only highest quality watches can be awarded with such titles. These watches are equipped with unique L.U.C Quattro technology, which is simply saying “two sets of two stacked barrels” giving in result 216 hours of power reserve, which can be easily tracked in the clear in view subdial at 12 o’clock.






The most crucial criterium, on which I always base, while looking for my favourites is the legibility of a dial. Even in this regard, L.U.C Quattro did not disappoint me at all. Broad and massive time hands, stylishly polished roman numerals fit very well into the whole design making it complemented. I could be spending hours and hours on looking at these mesmeric timepieces. The only thing I would have changed is a date display. I personally prefer when a date is being displayed in the aperture, rather than displayed in the subdial, but it is still acceptable.


The price of these two L.U.C Quattro versions is as follows : £17,110 (Rose gold) and £21,060 (Platinum)




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