Fake People Wear Fake Watches


Is it really worth buying fake watches ?

I got the idea to find fake watches to rate their overall look and prove that buying and wearing them is just cheating yourself. To do such thing, I decided to visit a one of the most popular markets in the London – Camden Market.



Everybody know what things we can get there. It’s renowned place between the tourists. The whole Camden Market is really climatic place – town. There are a lot of things to do. There are small, colorful food places where you can try out the dishes from all over the world. You can find a little shops stretching for the whole street line selling variable gadgets and a things I wanted to find there – fake luxury goods. In result, I’ve found 3 stalls selling fake watches.  In the first sight of the eye these watches didn’t differ from the fine ones. But, when I was trying on some of these watches on my wrist, I saw the crucial differences and drawbacks. First of all, most of these watches were much lighter than the real ones. In most cases, there are dark stains on the bracelet surface. The seconds hand is moving uncomparably less smoothly than the watches with the real automatic swiss movements. A pictures down below presents the differences in a fake yellow gold Rolex Datejust watch that I’ve bought just for a test purposes.


Fake Rolex Watch

As you can see, the date window is much smaller and the date numbers look just very ugly. The next thing is that the hole in the Rolex crown should be flattened.


Fake Rolex Watch

Some of the letters in the “SUPERLATIVE CHRONOMETER” and the whole inscriptions are cheaply printed and blurred.


Buying and wearing fake watches is simply cheating yourself

 People selling fake goods on the places like Camden Market are really crafty. Things there, don’t have a price. Sellers ask the customer : “how much do you have ?” So, if you are not good at negotiating in result, you can get fake watch for the 400% more price, so that’s the additional reason why people shouldn’t buy a fake watches and generally fake goods instead of getting original things they can afford. Even the cheapest watch is better than the fake one. As you can see on these pics above, fake watches are totally worth smashing them with a hammers. I’m skipping the fact that you don’t know what is the reliability and a quality of the material used to the bracelet and watch. Somebody can get allergic reaction after wearing fake watch from the unknown origin. When I was wearing this watch for a couple of minutes my wrist was itchy. I’ve mentioned that the cheapest watch from the trusted origin, brand is better than the fake watch, because you know what you get and the product you buy is tested.


There are dark stains visible on this bracelet, which means that this bracelet is made of SHIT quality material. The "gold" from this bracelet is smearing very fast.

There are dark stains visible on this bracelet, which means that this bracelet is made of SHIT quality material. The “gold” from this bracelet is smearing very fast.


Even the best quality fake watch is still making you idiot by wearing it. I know that some people reach out for the fake watches because they can’t afford to buy genuine luxury watch, but what’s the purpose of the action like this ? It’s nothing more than just cheating yourself and the people around, who thinks that you have a real, luxury watch. The next thing is that if you come across someone who has a luxury watch and knows something about them will just laugh at you, making you really ashamed. So, my conclusion is that to buy and wear watches that you can afford. Isn’t it better to collect money until you will be able to buy the REAL, luxury watch, feel satisfied and if somebody  ask you randomly on the street : “Is it a real ROLEX watch ?” you will answer “Yes, it is”?

Think about it and buy authentic watches.

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