Dreams within One Year


What if I told you that you can change your life in just one year?



“It was a sunny day, a day that you are always waiting for in summer. People spend it rather actively with their families outside, somewhere in one of the many parks that London has to offer. I was spending my summer break in London away from my country, as I used to do since couple of years. The only difference was that this summer break was the last one before my last exams in the High School – meaning it was a pretty huge turning point that time, even though I think it was not that important at all from the further perspective and experience I gathered now. But, let’s just focus on what happened next that day. One thing you have to know about me that time is that I was all amazed with the London and I really liked spending time on exploring this place like a proper, motivated tourist. I had the in Greenwich Park scheduled for that sunny day, so I packed up my bag with the most necessary things and went straight out for the tube. When I arrived to the Greenwich Park, I got struck with the huge crowds of people visiting this place, but I didn’t get discouraged from my main point of this visit, which was Greenwich Observatory. I started walking up the pathway among extremely green grass and trees. After pretty tiring and sweaty 15-minute uphill walk, I got to the world’s famous 18th-century astronomical observatory, which attracts millions of tourists each year. However, my goal wasn’t simply the Prime Meridian, no, I have climbed there just to see the skyline of the London and get amazed…


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The view was breathtaking, I could see the London with its whole beauty. I was inspired by this view, the point is, when you can see such huge city from further perspective, you start feeling like your dreams are within. I spent next 20 minutes to admire the view and then took a picture of this skyline. Just before I was about to go back home I promised myself that I will be back there, exactly in one year’s time. One day later when I was somewhere in Central London, I noticed a nicely looking shop selling stationery, art accessories and notebooks in general. I decided to go inside and look around a bit. The thing that got my attention was small, black Leuchtturm1917 notebook, which you could fit one in your hand perfectly. I took one from the shelf, paid for it and left the shop. Don’t exactly know what made me buy this notebook, maybe the pretty catchy slogan – “Details make all the difference” has inspired me? Who knows. In that moment, I decided to write down my all dreams and plans, but there was one catch… (To be continued in next blog text.)

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