An Ultimate Happiness Test


This test can really tell, whether you are happy with your life or if you are just pretending to be one.


 I came across this test in one of the ‘life-changing’ books and I got quite amazed by its simplicity and accuracy, which is 100% if you are honest with yourself. 


The key to true happiness is to answer one simple question, which is :


If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today ?


Quite tricky, isn’t it ??






The first thoughts would be to do things you’ve always wanted, but never dared to do because of mundane responsibilities troubling you, am I right ? Would you go for the stuff like bungee jumping, getting a tattoo, spending huge amount of money instantly or perhaps telling your boss he’s an idiot and then setting your workplace on fire?

Ask your friends, family members and everyone this simple question and note their answers. I am almost 100% sure they will start listing things they have never done like those concerned as the ‘bucket-list’ ones. Do you want to know a reason why most people answer the same ?


It is really simple. Unhappy people would do something different from what they do usually. Truly happy would do the same thing they usually do in their lives. Which one of them are you ??






If I am honest with you, my number one thought was of doing some crazy things, but then I came to conclusion that I don’t need this at all. I am already satisfied with my life in every inch of it. If it were my last day on earth, I would probably eat the breakfast, write a new blog texts, do jogging with my dog in park and probably do some Uni work and then go to sleep, simple as my daily routine. I feel something like an inner-satisfaction with the things I do, even those merged with being boring and tiring like studying at Uni or working. That’s a quite personal matter to comprehend. But the conclusion is to put your dreams at the ‘pole position’ to follow them in your life. If you are going by your dreams, you will be always successful person. 




…and to finish up today’s text properly, a little quote, which is worth to bear in mind in everything you do or don’t do because of other people :


“I refuse to die without having had the courage to do what I wanted to do. I do not want to die because society tricked me, that it had got the better of me and annihilated my dreams”

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  • Veethee Dixit

    Truly intriguing post I must say. Got me thinking. Thanks for the amazing insight!

  • Sumita Mishra Dixit

    I am a very jolly person so I feel happy most of the times! Your post made me feel good about myself!

    • Happy to hear that, it was my intention.

  • Carola

    Great post. And you are completely right. I regularly think about this. And make sure I do the things I want to. I am impatient, so usually I can’t wait really to do what I want. And I can say I’m truly happy. And I’ve already done some things like take a tattoo, go bungee jumping, paragliding, go snorkling in the ocean etc. And I keep on going. And looking back : no regrets!

    • That is really good life approach :)

  • Love30

    Great thought provoking article. I would actually quit my job! 😄 maybe that’s telling me something? Ree love30

    • It is always a good idea to sit back for a while and just reflect on your life’s situation so you can come to some conclusions.