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Today, I went running and was wondering about what motivates me to take action in form of running or working out at the gym. Most of people have trouble finding the motivation to do activities and others with maintaining it because of a short term fascination of a discipline such like Jogging, which disappears quickly.

I think that I am the best example of the person who struggles to stay motivated. Throughout my whole life, I have tried literally every kind of sports and hobbies, hoping one of them will find out to be that one I will stick with forever. I tried hockey, skateboarding, judo, brazilian jiu-jitsu, basketball and I could list more and more activites. The thing is that these hobbies were really great, but only until I came to conclusion :

“I don’t want to do it anymore”


The years were passing with the perspective of time and I stopped finding new hobbies, because I knew how it is going to end. Somehow, when I went to the High School, there were popular things among teenagers – gym and healthy lifestyle. I thought, why not to try it. So, I went to the nearest gym in my area, bought the gym-pass and just worked out to see if that hype was justified. It turned out to be the really nice way to spend some time in a healthy way. After a while, when I got used to spending time on exercising in sports centre, I came to conclusion that I lack something. This thing was a proper diet. From that day, I started cooking and eating like real bodybuilders, at least I was imagining it like this. As you probably can tell, this couldn’t last forever. I started skipping gym days, eating healthy meals and generally lost motivation. After that, I started surfing the internet in search of knowledge I could use in my life. Feeling like an expert of motivation, I created the list of 4 motivation methods, which were designed to help the world or just me.



My personal methods for motivation from 2014.



We all know that sometimes starting doing random activity raises great tiredness, because we are simply lazy. If you have a problem with learning school material such as physics, planning to study this subject at 8:00 pm will cause that you will put off this away because of excuses such (tiredness, hunger) and the enormity of learning material will overwhelm you. Let’s assume that you are planning to sit behind a desk with the books at 8:00 pm – don’t think about learning and this big pile of material to study before 8:00 pm. Such attitude helps to overcome unwillingness of studying.



My personal the best way of motivation is the mission that every other day I have to take some physical action, no matter what. Such thinking becomes habit really fast, which automatically raises the desire to act and sometimes even regardless of motivation or bad day.



For many people, money is the motivation to act. We buy a pass for fitness, gym. When the moment of self-doubt starts to bug us, we remind ourselves that we paid for the gym, fitness and we don’t want to waste our money.



A good motivation is to “reward” for execution of the activity for example intense running, walking, learning. The reward can appear in variety of forms like sweets, but be sure to keep moderation if weight loss is your goal. Otherwise you can shatter everything that you achieved by hard-work so far.




My method for motivation from 2016.


It’s been two years since I’ve listed my methods of motivation and I have to say, I was almost completely wrong. Only the method number 2 was quite close to what I stick to currently and I find it successful. I don’t know why I haven’t discovered this simple and easy method before. These advice from 2014 were based on creating quite illusive motivating factors or tension, which won’t lead you to the success in the longer period of time, you will end up demotivated. Coming back to the core of my little motivation guide, my advice is just to listen to your own body. I don’t mean the auscultation known from visits to the doctor. I mean that you should sit from time to time, relax and just listen to what your body tells you. Initially, you won’t be eager and motivated at all, but give yourself a little while to learn how to read your body and then process everything into action. Currently, working out at the gym is my routine and I don’t have to motivate myself – I just do it, despite I might have a worse day. I know that many people will be cheating their bodies by thinking they are not able to do anything. I’ve been through this as well and I can say that our mind is really wrongheaded and can arrange activity for you. I remember one day, when I was sitting on the couch all day, I suddenly desired to do some jogging and 5 minutes later I was ready for jogging. Just listen to your body, that’s easy !


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    great post

  • Katja Knox

    Great advice – i will admit motivation is my main problem when it comes to exercise. No excuses now, eh :)

  • Really amazing post and great motivation to let us know about this trick and tips. Thanks for shared with us.;-)

  • Jasmin N

    I really needed this in my life right now! Thank you so much for sharing :)

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  • Kitty Limon

    When I need motivation I kind of “bribe” myself basically I say things like “you can catch up on your shows whilst working out” it usually helps :)

  • Aurelie

    Great post. It’s really good you found your way. For me it;s first thing in the morning because like you said in the evening, I will find all the excuses of the world.

  • Maikel Kerseboom

    This is so motivational! I love it

  • Motivation is so important for mental health and to live a positive life!