7 Healthy Habits for Daily Routine


Make sure you bring them into your life to be healthy.


Lately I’ve been thinking about my daily routine, specifically which little activities are concerned by me as these inseparable ones. I managed to list 7 the most important habits I’ve incorporated into my life throughout many years. I think there is a huuuge trend to be healthy and fit these days, which is good, because awareness on how to be healthy as long as possible will eventually pay off. So, let’s begin my ‘pro tips’ for eternal life.










Drink more of water !



I know, I know, it seems like an obvious fact, but IT IS really important, it is a pretty fundamental to a health. You need to provide your body with fluids in order to compensate the constant losses of water each day – even breathing dehydrates you ! Water makes your muscles energized and ready for daily challenges. It also keeps your skin beautiful and moisturized. Drinking one glass of water prior to every meal makes you feel less hungry, which can be salutary whilst on diet + improves digestion.










Do some fast warm up after you get out of your bed



If I am honest with you, I tried this quite recently as I was skeptical about it. The second thing was, if I had an early start of my day, the only thing I had in mind was how much I wish to stay in bed. But, to my surprise, quick warm up in form of couple neck, shoulders, hips and ham strings stretches were life-giving. I could almost forget that I was really tired and highly unlikely to feel good in the morning. So, forget about the coffee – the first you do in the morning is a quick warm up !










Try to eat the breakfast rich in carbohydrates

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I’ve been neglecting this point for many, many years. Only thing I was eating for my breakfast was coffee. Now, I understood the value of having hearty breakfast. It does really gives your energy for the whole day, because if you won’t get energized in the morning, you will be tired further. Good option for fast, healthy and fast breakfast is a bowl with yogurt, muesli and handful of different fruits – you’re ready to go. Second option is a porridge – you can literally add everything you want. After such rich breakfast you can be sure, you won’t be out of the game !










Do physical activity at least once a day



It can be almost everything, not necessarily runinng or working out at the gym – but these are pretty cool to do. If you are for example stuck in the office behind a desk, do a little warm up of your limbs, head just like you hopefully did in the morning to improve your blood flow. Going for a walk at fresh air, somewhere in the park is good idea too. It not only improves your oxygenation and blood flow, but also makes you feel positive even by looking at the green areas.










Reduce the amount of medicines you are having.



That’s really serious tip for everyone ! You might think the medicines those without prescription are good for everything – bad mood, cough, headache tension and so on. Yes, they can help you, but you should point out that besides its positive effects, they have its side effects. The great example are the allergy medicines – mental/mood changes, confusion, restlessness, fast/irregular heartbeat, just a few side effects of popular allergy medicines. Furthermore, think about every medicine you take.










Find 5 minutes during a day to sit and reflect on daily things



Five or seven minutes a day for a little summary of what’s bothering you or just what things you should do in particular day – week should be a must in everyone’s life. That makes your life more efficient and organised. Don’t even tell me that you won’t find 5 minutes to just sit and think !










Create your well-balanced vitamin combo



If you feel that your diet is poor and you are not providing your body with sufficient does of vitamins and other nutrients do a little research and set the complex of vitamins, which will complement your diet. If you are too lazy, just go for the complete multivitamin complex.





If you have your own healthy habits, please let me know in the comments to share the knowledge !

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